Yun Choi, Doomsday, video, 2020


Yun Choi (b. 1989) is a Korean contemporary artist from Seoul, currently living and working in Amsterdam. Choi focuses on transnational fluidity, verbal play, belief systems, different forms of communal display, and mediated bodies. Her practice comprises a hybrid of multiple mediums which oscillate between the digital and corporeal. Choi's interests lie in looking at what otherwise pedestrian, banal and stereotypical images, words, and behaviors of the society around her reveal. She refers to local phenomena and seeks to unearth their innate sensuality. She specifically addresses the quotidian symptoms of disillusionment accompanying shattered beliefs and fantasies. Her practice looks into the absurd emotional conflict caused by the overlapping and lagging timelines of a rapidly updating society and its consequent repressions; the complex sensations of alienation, awkwardness, and attachment are essential aspects. Tinkering with contemporary byproducts and residues produced from those sensations, she uses and explores various methods, such as mimicking, accumulating, and propagating; she attempts to animate them into variant media. Choi's hypermedia and non-linear storytelling intend to reorient perspectives by eliciting feelings of disorientation. She invites sincere superstitions and activates a shape-shifting of society into multi-body beings. She has shown her work at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Korea), Art Sonje Center, Busan Biennale, Gwangju Biennale, Kukje Gallery, Doosan Gallery New York, Seoul Museum of Art, and many more. She is a resident artist of Rijksakademie 2021-2022.

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