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Yun Choi, Finn Maätita & Jerrold Saija, Jesse Chun, Sung Hwan Kim, Liz Ferrer and Bow Ty Venture Capital, Okui Lala & Nasrikah, & PERTIMIG, Nina Djekić, Isola Tong

Slippery Tongues Sliding Horizons
Composed in the key of ‘open’—one of the five keywords in Five Inclusion Tactics for Seven Curators: empowering, supportive, cooperative, open, fair—Slippery Tongues Sliding Horizons speaks with experiences of navigating multiple languages and existing between fixed...

Sofía Dourron

Sofía Durrieu, Chaveli Sifre, Choi Yun, Ana María Gómez López, Landa Hernández

Seen but unnoticed. Bodily infrastructure at work
In the introduction to Extrastatecraft. The Power of Infrastructure Space Keller Easterling makes it very clear: infrastructure is not and never has been just the buildings, highways, transport systems, communications networks, electric grids and pipelines that allow our bodies to move, interact and generally function within the confines of finite spaces.

YUN Minhwa

Hyejin Jo, Insook Bae, Mirim Chu, Minhwa Yun

Clever Hans Effect
Clever Hans Effect is a psychological term derived from the name of a horse, Hans, who was rumored to be able to read numbers and calculate. When people gave an arithmetic quiz, Hans answered by striking his hoof on the floor, and was almost always right. Hans became so popular that researchers eventually visited to see if Hans really understood numbers and arithmetic.

Jeanette Bisschops

Simnikiwe Buhlungu, Alvin Tran, Kang Seung Lee, Goeun Bae, Ibanjiha, Eunsong Kim, Yeong Ran Kim, Alvin Tran

We Cry Poetry
Growing up, I was a child constantly engrossed in stories. Growing up quite insular and not allowed to watch much tv, I would get new stacks of books at the local library almost every weekend. But while I had a passion for words and the worlds they create, it was hard for me to access more peculiar, playful and poetic works. Raised in a household and a society that idolizes rationality, poetry felt both frivolous and terrifyingly open-ended.

MOK Honggyun

Seungjoon Choi, Werker Collective, Lee Wonho, Ha Saet-byul, Kim Haemin, Gabriela Golder, Nam Woong, Francis Annagu

On Fair: Remnants, From the Five
The first man who, having enclosed a piece of ground, bethought himself of saying this is mine and found people simple enough to believe him, was the real founder of civil society…Beware of listening to this impostor; you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody.


Alaa Abu Asad, Mooni Perry, TJ Shin, Chulayarnnon Siriphol, Hwang Miyojo

Autophagy: Eating in Its Destructive and Creative Nature
How can love of life coexist with love of violence?
How was this strange link between care and conquest forged?
- Jane Bennett, Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things

Manique Hendricks

Bin Koh, Emirhakin, Young Joon Kwak, Philth Haus, Art.Goss, Charlotte Rohde, Haitian Ma, Zippora Elders, Ka-Tjun Hau

For Our Common Emotional Goals
The three cups tarot card is often an image of three women dancing and raising their cups for a toast. It represents the celebration of friendship, sisterhood, connection, abundance, cooperation and creative collaborations.



Blurring with tears for 35 minutes
The title of this performance, ‘Blurring with tears for 35 minutes’ revisits the imagery of Kumgang Spring Dream (2016) by Yun Choi and implies the running time of Choi’s action to occupy the website of Beautiful Soup. Anonymous participants on multiple screens, where past, present, and future tenses are entangled and bundled. With the obscure layers of mumbling and chanting from her studio, sobbing and crying from Kumgang Spring Dream, the participants choose either to mourn or to welcome the unknowns.
Live Streaming Performance
15.25-16.00 (CET), 23.25-24.00 (KST), Wednesday, 14 December
On website (beautifulsoup.org),
Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten A18,
and unknown access points
Artist: Yun Choi @ycuhnoi
Associate curator: Miji Lee @miji.e
& Anonymous participants: Gim Ikhyun @kimkhimgim , 김감孫하惠 @qoreanqurl


Seminar Room 3, MMCA Seoul

Butch Palace for the Son_Ibanjiha :
Audience-participatory workshop performance
2021-2022 Korea - Netherlands Joint Project X MMCA Residency Goyang Open Studio Following Ibanjiha’s guidance, participants sculpt {Butch Palace for the Son} with clay. Ibanjiha gives on-the-spot critiques of each piece. Through this process, the artist let the performers collectively fathom what0 {Butch Palace for the Son} is, whether it even exists (and if so, where to locate it), and how to use it.
Dec. 21st (Wed) 3pm~4:30pm (90mins)
Ibanjiha, 8 participants, Audience

Artist Talk
Dec. 22nd (Thur) 2pm~4pm
Ibanjiha, Jeanette Bisschops (Independent Curator), Yeong Ran Kim (Performance Studies Scholar), Lee Jihoi (MMCA Curator) *Interpreter: Jaeyong Park
Seminar Room 3, MMCA Seoul


LAB111, Amsterdam

Jesse Chun, 술래 SULLAE
Sung Hwan Kim, Washing Brain and Corn
--in musical collaboration with David Michael DiGregorio
Nina Djekic, Path Finder I
Yun Choi, Where The Heart Goes and a preview of a newly commissioned work

Q&A with Yun Choi and Nina Djekic, Curated by Jo-Lene Ong

Composed in the key of ‘open’ Slippery Tongues Sliding Horizons speaks with experiences of navigating multiple languages and existing between fixed categories. These experiences common for migrant, diaspora, and peripheral communities create embodied liminal knowledge, articulating a way of relating the world that alters the borders and categories previously structures by western-modern knowledge. This series brings together moving image and text-based works that perform a poetry of inclusion—gestures of opening up singular narratives and attending to porous boundaries—by Jesse Chun, Sung Hwan Kim (in musical collaboration with David Michael DiGregorio), Liz Ferrer & Bow Ty (Niña), Nina Djekić, Isola Tong, Okui Lala, Nasrikah, & PERTIMIG, and new commissions from Finn Maätita & Jerrold Saija, and Yun Choi. Speaking against western universalism, Slippery Tongues Sliding Horizons re-articulates concepts of ‘language’, ‘knowledge’, ‘traditions’, and ‘technology’ in our own terms and re-imagines shared horizons between and beyond South Korea, the United States, Indonesia, Maluku, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the Netherlands.

Marginality: who names? whose fringes? An else an elsewhere that not merely
lies outside the centre but radically striates it.— Trinh T. Minh Ha



The Five Inclusion Tactics for Seven Curators

The collaborative project, The Five Inclusion Tactics for Seven Curators, will explore its theme, "Inclusion" and "Innovation," through five subtopics: cooperative, empowering, fair, open, and supportive. These five come from the themes "Inclusion" and "Innovation," which are given by the institution, Art Council Korea, and Dutch Culture. Seven curators break this into five subtopics and investigate how the institutional framework can be recontextualized through curatorial practice.

Participating Curators
Jeanette Bisschops, Chang Eunha, Sofía Dourron, Manique Hendricks, Honggyun Mok, Ong Jo-Lene, Yun Minhwa

Venue and Date 21 DEC 2022 to 30 MAR 2023
@ www.beautifulsoup.org


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